Addiopizzo Card

From today the fight against the pizzo has one more card

The project Addiopizzo Card was presented for the first time in occasion of the 9th Addiopizzo Celebration of Critical Consumption, from the 16th to the 18th May 2014 at the Giardino Inglese, and it is now a reality. Addiopizzocard is a new means of funds collection for the realization of a collective investment. Using it at the participating businesses, every citizen-consumer will be able to benefit of an ethical discount that the economic operators will deposit directly on a common and transparent fund, destined to finance a project of requalification of the city of Palermo.

The two projects that have been selected are those for Piazza Magione and for Parco della Favorita. It will be you, with your votes, to decide which project to sustain.


With a small donation, that will immediately feed the fund, you will obtain your Addiopizzo Card, collecting it:

-   directly in our head office in via Lincoln, 131 –Palermo

-   through an online request, you can receive it via mail.


If you have already collected your Addiopizzocard, you need to activate it by registering it on our website.

Consult the list of the affiliated businesses that adhere to the initiative or collect the printed guide at our head office or in one of the 150 affiliated shops. Show it to the shopkeepers before your purchase so that they will be able to correctly register your transaction and devote the agreed percentage to the fund for the collective investment. This mechanism is called “ethical discount”. Verify the percentage that will be destined to the fund on your receipt.


By activating your card, you will receive your first 50 points and then 10 per each purchase you will do at the affiliated shops. The shopkeeper will have two alternatives for giving you the points for the purchase:

- Recognizing your Addiopizzocard through a digital reader. This way you will receive your points immediately. Verify in your reserved area the updated number of your points in real time.

- By sticking a unique code behind your receipt. By accessing the website, you will be the one to register your purchase in your reserved area, inserting the code and verifying your points.

Moreover, you will receive many bonus points according to the frequency or entity of your purchases (read the Card rules)


Your participation is increased with every purchase. Devote the collected points through yourreserved area to the project you wish to support. Follow the evolution of the two projects on the website. Remember, finally, that you can move your points in any moment from one project to the other until the 30th of June 2015, when the winner will be proclaimed according to the number of points received. Be careful, a non active card will not let you give points for your purchases.


The University of Palermo, sensitive to the themes supported by Addiopizzo for legality and the development of a healthy and mafia-free economy, has decided to participate to the project. We have therefore created with them “Unipa against the pizzo”, a special edition of 10.000 personalized Addiopizzocards that we have distributed for free during the days of the admission tests to the University.


Collective Investment

A new practice of fight against the pizzo, Common Goods against Cosa Nostra

Addiopizzo, with the cooperation of a consistent number of associations, committees, institutions and individual citizens, has identified, through a cooperative path, two different areas of the city for the realization of collective investment: Piazza Magione and Favorita.
In both cases, it is an intervention to give back to the citizens urban and underutilized areas, where illegality often rules and the value of the common good has been lost.

Piazza Magione

To intervene on Piazza Magione for Addiopizzo means to contribute to the recovery of a space of great symbolic value for the whole city. It is not a case that the first Celebrations of Critical Consumptions have taken place exactly in the area where Falcone and Borsellino were born. However, in the course of the last 10 years, Piazza Magione has progressively been abandoned to itself. The intervention by Addiopizzo is linked to the initiative of committees and citizens who, in the past few years, have fought for the Piazza to return to being a common good for everyones fruition, taking it away from the neglect of the institutions and the tyranny of criminality, more or less organized. In a city where there are very few spaces of socialization that are not mediated by consumption, it means to INTERVENE PROTECTING THE GREEN AREAS OFFERING THEM FIRST OF ALL TO THE KIDS OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD.
The intervention proposed by Addiopizzo, also on the basis of the work done by the associations on the territory together with Scuola Ferrara, whose main building overlooks the Piazza, aims to realize a playfield and free socialization, thought as an extension of the Scuola and as a continuation of its natural dialogue with the neighborhood and with the territory through spaces and facilities designed from the ideas offered by the kids. It means then to make a portion of the Piazza accessible with installations that can be used by the kids of the neighborhood and that – according to the indications that they have given during the laboratories for the collective planning of the Piazza, organized by the neighborhood associations – are enjoyable and able to resist to possible vandalizations,

Check out the project.

to be enjoyed by all the people who even just cross the piazza or stop by to enjoy one of the broadest public spaces in the historical city center of Palermo. (Watch the complete document of collective planning _ presentation lab ferrara 2014)

The project of Piazza Magione as the authors of the online magazine Ad Un Tratto imagined it

Parco della Favorita

The failures which have been encountered with all the attempts to improve Favorita as an urban park make it an extraordinary symbol of a city that is not able to reclaim its public spaces, even when these have an extraordinary potential that, if adequately valorized, could produce a significant rise of the quality of life of the citizens, and a kick for the economic and touristic development for the whole urban territory.

Favorita, as it is today, is a clear example of what Danilo Dolci used to call waste: resources are destroyed, even the most precious ones, condemning oneself to a future of underdevelopment.


Details of the Map of Favorita, with indications of the target areas

The planning hypothesis, elaborated during the laboratories of collective planning promoted by Addiopizzo, expects to intervene to restore the Pepiniera, a very interesting area also on the historical level, that is currently abandoned; the Pepiniera used to host, thanks to its system of canalization that is still partly visible, the ancient vivarium of Favorita. Of its four elliptical-shaped structures, located between Palazzina Cinese and Villa Niscemi, only one is partially identifiable today, as the ancient canalizations that defined its structure are still visible.


To this aim, to set forward an efficient action of restoring, we considered to give a theme to the areas for a different fruition of each.


Starting from the existing infrastructures and themes, we divided the area in 4 sub-areas:

  1. Pepiniera (Tourism and Schools), area in which: through an action of restoring, we will:

-   giving it its original configuration back

-   enriching it with a thematic planting with informational panels

-   starting thematic educational paths

2. Cultural Area – Museo Pitre, Palazzina Cinese and its park (Tourism and Schools)

Thematic exhibitions

Specific plans of fruition

3. Cittàdei Ragazzi (Citizens)

Permanent educational laboratories

Entertaining activities

4. Surrounding natural areas (Citizens – Tourism and Schools)

Fruition of its paths

Educational paths

Permanent paths


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Collective Investment – Addiopizzo Young & Junior

The young activists of Addiopizzo Young and Junior decided to dedicate a rap song to the new strategy of fight against the pizzo.

Here it is.