Addiopizzo Travel

A new frontier of travelling responsibly: pizzo-free tourism, sustaining who said no to the mafia.

Addiopizzo Travel is a cooperative that proposes touristic packages and educational travels relying only on entrepreneurs and business owners belonging to the Addiopizzo network. It was born out of the Addiopizzo Committee as a further declination of the strategy of critical consumption against the pizzo, applied to the tourist sector.

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Addiopizzo Travel offers to the travelers a land of amazing cultural, artistic and environmental heritage and the chance to know the people, the places and the histories that have been most significant in the antimafia movement.

It shows the most authentic and genuine side of Sicily, beyond stereotypes, to return the dignity and give visibility to a people that is fighting for change.


The suppliers who cooperate with Addiopizzo do not pay the pizzo. They own hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, farmhouses and transportation agencies which have taken a brave choice of rebellion to the mafia. Some of them work on the territories that have been confiscated to Cosa Nostra bosses.

Who travels with Addiopizzo Travel chooses structures that have been certified by Addiopizzo and tours that are 100% pizzo-free. They choose to contribute to the development of a network of clean economy. They choose to sustain with a donation the reality of volunteering, that is always in the front row in the betterment of society. They choose not to give a penny to the mafia.


Addiopizzo Travel sustains the no profit associations committed to social issues and actively involved in the tours through donations.