The Addiopizzo Certificate

In these past years, the committee has started to promote those realities that most of all are able to represent, both locally and internationally, the best for the promotion and the development of our territory.

The brand “Certificato Addiopizzo”aims at a virtuous development of the forces and realities that, with determination, believe in a cultural, economic and social growth of Sicily.

The brand values, amongst the many realities that currently constitute the network of the critical consumption, the production of farmhouses, artisanal and industrial, who have chosen to certify their products also through an ethical brand.

The brand “Certificato Addiopizzo”today aims to support the products that are both characterized by excellent quality and by their commitment to respecting legality, sustainability and tutelage of the environment.

The agricultural production is organic, whereas the artisanal production is aimed at respecting the concepts of re-use and recycling. It mainly relates to small scale artisans or small cooperatives who deal with the socio-working inclusion of subjects at risk of marginalization.

The role of the territory where Addiopizzo works is central: the intrinsic and extrinsic value of the food find its origins and development in the tradition and in the activities of cultivation, breeding and transformation by a community that, with the same awareness, also wonders on the legality and on the fight to organized crime as a basis for the economic and political development of a fairer and more equal society.

It is therefore strategic to give value to the production and the gastronomic resources that better represent the history and culture of a pizzo-free territory, through the development of adequate measures of accompaniment whose benefits, linked to the knowledge, spreading and implementation, can have positive outcomes.

Addiopizzo wants to contribute to the construction of the necessary synergies for maintaining alive and concrete a network built with the public institutions, the private enterprises, the associations, the NGOs, the consumers, producers and citizens representations who have the development of sustainable economic and social systems at heart.