Inside and outside the piazza, the culture is for everyone

In Palermo the social and economic degeneration and the lack of education remains one of the most serious issues that leads to widespread illegality and organized crime. Despite the daily efforts from the citizens, volunteers and schools, places such as piazza Magione and neighbourhoods like La Kalsa have difficulties breaking free from this state of emergency.
Because of this we continue our work with children from families who lives in these difficult and dramatic situations and to support victims of extortion.
We have always dedicated particularly interest to places of great symbolic value to the city. At piazza Magione we have created the first critical consumption fair, which invested in a playground designed in collaboration with the local community and the Ferrara school. For almost two years we have pushed forward with the social and educational inclusion of the children of the neighbourhoods.

teatro_03This year we asked ourselves how Palermo as the cultural capital could be of relevance to the children we work with and their families in the neighbourhoods. We thought that this event was an opportunity for the children to learn about their city in a new way, different from their daily life in the piazza where they use to work and live.
An opportunity to observe Palermo from a different angle than usual, together with the aeroclub Bocca di Falco and the maritime club of Palermo.
An opportunity to discover the artistic, cultural and environmental aspects of the city, and to stimulate their creativity and imagination through workshops in collaboration with Teatro Massimo, the Botanical Garden, Teatro Biondo and Parco Uditore. A way for the families to relax and reflect is during the screening of a film at Cityplex Metropolitan.
With the kids from piazza Magione and their families, we will go on a tour to the historic centre with Open Artour, the town of Monreale and visit the cathedral, the capuchin convent and the catacombs.
We will try to let them discover the city and enhance their understanding of the beauty and the care for the space surrounding us.