How to join the Addiopizzo Network


Addiopizzo summons a possible business owner who’s interested in joining the network for a first preliminary interview. Here the business owner is asked to present the history and characteristics of their business. During the same or a following meeting, the Association requests documents (business profile, judiciary, administrative or journalistic charges) and/or other elements of any nature that will support the evaluation for their inclusion in the network.

Successively, Addiopizzo proceeds to evaluate the consistency of the elements provided and what has been said by the requesting party. This is to independently search for other elements relating to the business of the interested party, in addition consulting public documents, media and trade associations.

Addiopizzo requires the interested party to sign a formal declaration of solemn commitment. This ensures the citizens/consumers that the business owner doesn’t pay extortion money “pizzo” directly or indirectly and in which the business owner declares to respect the principle of legality in the exercise of their own business. This is a necessary condition for being part of the list of the network of businesses that Addiopizzo supports.

After the conclusion of the inquiry, Addiopizzo will communicate the outcome of the evaluation to the interested party. In case of a positive outcome the business will receive the official Addiopizzo sticker to be displayed in their shop window. The list will be spread among all the consumers taking part in the initiative in the form they consider most appropriate.

If the Association ascertain that the business owner fails to comply with the solemn commitment written in the declaration, it will cause deletion from the list and contextual communication on the Association’s website.