Legal assistance and advice


Addiopizzo’s activity represents the duty of civil society to play an active role alongside entrepreneurs in the fight against the Mafia racketeering.

For the Association, this is an opportunity to show its presence in courts where part of the population recognizes its rights and duties, deciding to file a civil suit with the awareness of the spread of the Mafia phenomenon also affects ordinary consumers. At the time of writing this document, there are 104 cases in which the Association had filed a civil suit and supported entrepreneurs who were victims of the racketeering. More than 260 victims of extortion crimes have been helped and supported by the Association.


The Addiopizzo Association works with four lawyers whose task mainly consists in bringing civil action in the interest of the Association and the entrepreneurs. Thanks to the support provided by the Association, these entrepreneurs denounce and strongly fight against the mafia racket.

In 2008, Addiopizzo made the decision not to intervene in trials in which it did not cooperate effectively with the entrepreneurs, encouraging them to denounce and seek help from law enforcement officers. The Association doesn’t receive direct compensation from the pizzo victims for the technical assistance it provides to them in court. Addiopizzo’s action goes beyond this technical assistance.

The responsibility we are asking each citizen and each merchant who is forced to pay for the pizzo is the same as that we are asking from the political class. It is for this reason that we have filed a civil suit against politicians prosecuted for crimes committed jointly with mafia organizations; men accused of having obtained promises of a vote from Cosa Nostra in exchange for money.