School project

The first time we entered a school we were still unknown and we had no idea about what would have happened in the future. But we already had understood how important it was to get in touch with the students of our city.

Spontaneously at first, then invited by the teachers and the principals, and then even in the context of actual educational projects, Addiopizzo is present both in the schools of Palermo, in Sicily and in the rest of Italy (about 200 schools in the province of Palermo, hundreds in the rest of the national territory).

brainstorming con gli studenti

brainstorming con gli studenti

The objective has always been to witness the path of antimafia from below by Addiopizzo and to give the kids and the youth a point of view that is as critical and aware about their surrounding reality as possible.

A strong point of the various projects that have been developed throughout the years (from the meetings in “Palermo vista racket”, to the forts of legality to the demonstrations of the “road to denouncing”), the call to everyone’s responsibility and to the daily actions of antimafia, just like the Addiopizzo critical consumption. Actions that are doable by everyone, even by the people that don’t vote today, that are not of age yet, and so don’t “count”, so to say: from our point of view, them, the young and the very young, do count. They have very effective means of contrast to the mafia and the mafia culture.

Everytime we enter a classroom, that we start to talk with our younger brothers, it’s like the first time: with the awareness that we’re trying to find again together with them, that it the most precious thing we have, and that the mafia constantly tries to take away from us. The trust that to build an alternative is possible, because “if everyone does somethingthen we can do a lot”.