Who we are

Addiopizzo is an open, fluid and dynamic movement, that acts from below and presents itself as a spokesman of a “cultural revolution”against the mafia. It is constituted by all the women and men, the girls and the boys, the shopkeepers and the customers who recognize themselves in the sentence “A whole people that pays the pizzo is a people without dignity”.

Addiopizzo is also an association of volunteers that is openly apolitical and purposely “mono-thematic”, for which its specific field of action, in the context of a broader antimafia movement, is the promotion of a virtuous and mafia-free economy through the means of the “critical consumption Addiopizzo”.

Here is a list of the “stickers”, the activists who are currently part of the Addiopizzo Committee:

Bologna Silvio
Buzzone Silvia
Calabrese Francesca
Cangelosi Elisabetta
Caniglia Veronica
Caradonna Salvo
Catania Claudia
Coniglio Veronica
Di Gregorio Nino
Di Trapani Giuseppe Enrico
Genova Raffaele
Gnizio Giuseppe
Gristina Fausto
Iurato Carbone Martina
Madonia Carlo
Mangiola Maurizio

Nocilla Laura
Pecoraro Giuseppe
Pellegrino Silvia
Perrone Alessandra
Riccobono Dario
Riccobono Ermes
Sagace Sabrina
Sofia Salvatore
Tringali Stefano
Tucciarelli Chloé
Utro Chiara
Vannini Parenti Francesca
Vetrano Maria
Vuturo Marco Salvatore
Zaffuto Edoardo